Channel Futures: AI and Cybersecurity Take Center Stage at Largest-Ever Black Hat USA 

Channel Futures rounds up the biggest headlines from Black Hat 2023, including NetSPI’s debut of AI/ML Penetration Testing. Learn more and hear from NetSPI’s vice president of business development and strategic alliances, Lauren Gimmillaro on slide 10 of the article here.


Also at Black Hat, NetSPI debuted its machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI) penetration testing solution aimed at bringing a more holistic and proactive approach to safeguarding ML model implementations. 

The solution focuses on two core components. Those are identifying, analyzing and remediating vulnerabilities on ML systems such as large language models (LLMs), and providing grounded advice and real-world guidance to ensure security is considered from inception to implementation. 

As adoption of ML and AI accelerates, organizations must understand the unique threats that accompany this technology to better identify areas of weakness and build more secure models, according to NetSPI. 

Lauren Gimmillaro, NetSPI’s vice president of business development and strategic alliances, said NetSPI’s partners can help their customers navigate their ML/AI security challenges with confidence, backed by NetSPI’s expertise in ML and data science to help them secure their innovation. 

“This new testing capability will open opportunities across their customers’ tech stack, including cloud, web and applications as our reports and recommendations for remediation are brought to them in real time,” she said. “Some specific examples of new opportunities include data set security, adversarial testing and API security.” 

AI innovation and the fast adoption of ML systems into production is happening whether companies are ready or not, Gimmillaro said. 

“It’s critical that we help our partners cater to a diverse range of industries and deployments in this space, from chatbots to data analytics, to text generation and everything in between,” she said. “Our testing methodology is rooted in adversarial ML and backed by a team of over 200 pen-testing experts that are equipped to test against real adversarial attack techniques. This is the advantage we help our partners deliver to their customers.” 

You can read the full article here.

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