NetSPI Acquires nVisium – Q&A with the CEOs

Today, we’re happy to announce that NetSPI has acquired nVisium to continue building upon our suite of offensive security testing solutions. We sat down with NetSPI CEO Aaron Shilts and nVisium CEO and Founder Jack Mannino to learn what this means for their mutual clients and the greater cybersecurity community.

Why nVisium/NetSPI?

Aaron Shilts: The nVisium team brings an impressive track record in cloud and application pentesting, and we’re incredibly excited to welcome them to NetSPI. Coming together, we will unlock great potential in meeting the increasing demand for quality pentesting solutions and reinforce our commitment to growth and innovation. It took months of research, discussions, and interactions to come to this decision, but one thing is for sure, we were always convinced the nVisium team will be the perfect complement to our DNA and culture we’ve built at NetSPI.

Jack Mannino: We’ve competed with NetSPI in the past, and I’ve always respected what Aaron and his team have built. Agreeing to an acquisition is not a small decision, but as soon as we started talking with the NetSPI team, it was clear that both organizations were extremely aligned from a culture, delivery, and people perspective. They care deeply about their people and maintaining a culture of collaboration, plus, we have the same high standards for security testing as they do. With this acquisition, nVisium employees and clients will be presented with a wide array of new opportunities. I’m eager to see what we can accomplish together.

How will this acquisition impact mutual clients and the greater security community?

Aaron: This news follows our recent announcement of KKR’s investment in NetSPI’s future and its promise to continue to bring positive impact to the security community. By joining forces with nVisium, we can move faster, offer clients access to an incredibly talented team of offensive security professionals, and double down on our promise for innovative, platform driven, and human delivered offensive security solutions.

Jack: By joining forces with NetSPI, nVisium has a massive opportunity to expand the breadth and depth of solutions we deliver, improve the client experience, and introduce new growth opportunities to our employees. We have built strong enterprise relationships and we are eager to support them in new ways and, at the same time, build on our capabilities within cloud and application security testing.

Notably, NetSPI’s penetration testing as a service (PTaaS) delivery model has made an incredible impact on its clients, enabling them to test continuously, digest results in a dynamic way, improve vulnerability management efforts, and increase manual testing and triaging. nVisium and NetSPI together will amplify the PTaaS model and allow us to increase our capacity to help more organizations.

What’s next for the combined companies?

Aaron: This acquisition is proof that we are committed to staying true to our mission, disrupting the penetration testing industry by attracting and retaining top talent, and setting the highest standards in the penetration testing market. Over the next few months, we will be focused on integrating the nVisium team to help deliver high-caliber pentesting solutions to more enterprises, globally.

Over the next year, you will see an emphasis on NetSPI’s R&D, particularly with our cloud, IoT, and blockchain solutions. We’ve recently formed an official NetSPI Labs team, who will lead the development and expansion of new offensive security solutions and tools.

Jack: The industry can expect continued growth, innovation, and quality pentesting from NetSPI and nVisium – with no signs of slowing. The power of our combined teams will certainly be a force to be reckoned with.

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