006 – The Evolving History of Cyber Security – From Mainframes to the Cloud

Mike Rothman, President at DisruptOps

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In this episode of Agent of Influence, Nabil Hannan talks with DisruptOps President, Mike Rothman. Rothman is a 25-year security veteran specializing in protecting networks, protecting endpoints, security management, compliance, and helping clients navigate a secure evolution in their path to full cloud adoption.

In addition to his role at DisruptOps, Rothman is an Analyst and President of Securosis and has a very diverse career, ranging from programming to network consulting for various corporations. Insight from a 25-year security veteran helping organizations adopt cloud security, an avid traveler, and insights on exploring eastern philosophy.
A podcast hosted by:
Nabil Hannan
NetSPI Managing Director
Agent of Influence is a podcast hosted by NetSPI Managing Director Nabil Hannan, as a place to share best practices and trends in the world of cyber security and vulnerability management.