031 – What’s Keeping Security Leaders Up at Night? DDoS, Ransomware, 5G, and Security Employment

Michael Kaczmarek, Head of Product Management at Neustar’s Security Solutions

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In this episode of Agent of Influence, Nabil speaks with Michael “Kaz” Kaczmarek, head of product management for Neustar’s Security Solutions business unit. They discuss how his engineering background has supported him in cybersecurity, the nature of creativity and problem solving, the rise of ransom-related DDoS attacks, how 5G and the hybrid workforce are causing a shift in attack patterns, considerations for paying a ransom, cybersecurity staffing challenges, best practices for securing smart home devices, and a memorable dining experience at minibar in D.C.
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Nabil Hannan
Agent of Influence is a podcast hosted by NetSPI Field CISO Nabil Hannan, as a place to share best practices and trends in the world of cyber security and vulnerability management.

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