External Penetration Testing

To protect against the surge of cloud, IoT, and additional Internet facing systems, NetSPI recommends manual penetration testing as part of your regular security regimen.


NetSPI evaluates the security of our customers’ external-facing network assets for many reasons, but chief among them are dissatisfaction with their internal tools, the current provider, and/or their internal team’s capacity to adequately administer all of their external testing work efficiently and consistently over time.

One of the most common vulnerability assessment activities for companies of all sizes is an external penetration test, typically targeting internet-facing websites. Scanning external-facing network resources is a high priority, but a complete assessment of the hardness of your external network includes multiple steps, such as:

  • Anonymous information gathering to discover all Internet-facing assets a hacker could identify as potential entry-points into your network
  • Identifying additional surface areas exposed by cloud and federated services
  • Scanning of your internet-available network access points and web servers for known vulnerabilities (non-credentialed)
  • Verifying scan-result findings through in-depth manual penetration testing attack techniques (both credentialed and non-credentialed)
  • Providing deeply informed remediation guidance and advisory services for identified/verified vulnerabilities
Why you need penetration testing


For high-value software assets or critical points-of-entry into your network, working with NetSPI begins with a primer on scanning versus penetration testing. Scanning and penetration testing are not synonymous – scanning is never enough, it is only an initial step in the entire assessment process:

  • Effective, thorough scanning requires multiple scanning tools and overlapping scans against the same resources-utilizing different tools turns up different results and data formats
  • Our proprietary NetSPI Resolve™ platform is used by all of our penetration testers to efficiently correlate and normalize all scanning data to recommend a “best set” of remediation actions for any potential vulnerabilities
  • Potential vulnerabilities are also analyzed and verified by our experts to exclude any false positives and probe for additional vulnerabilities that scanning did not detect; only trained penetration testing professionals like NetSPI can offer that level of thoroughness
  • In-depth penetration testing to final reporting of findings and recommendations is what sets NetSPI apart, and why we are given the critical responsibility of assessing the security of your most high-value/high-risk external-facing network assets
pentest vs scanner


  • NetSPI’s comprehensive coverage approach provides senior-consulting oversight on every project, enabling your company to leverage the expertise of the entire team of specialists to give you world-class consulting without impacting your budget
  • Our consulting services utilize NetSPI Resolve™ to automate vulnerability results, data aggregation, and reporting so our ethical hackers can focus on providing your organization 20% more vulnerabilities at a higher criticality than our competitors
  • Expert testing in reasonable time frame, and at a reasonable cost
  • Skilled, experienced manual ethical hackers
  • Mature, highly-disciplined, well-documented processes
  • A tester “playbook” containing the very latest attack methods, scripts, and techniques (our top-secret stuff)
  • A current-to-the-minute knowledge base
  • A broad set of commercial, open source, and proprietary tools
  • Detailed and actionable final remediation instruction and guidance


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