Social Engineering

Employees are consistently one of the most susceptible entry points to an organization’s internal network. NetSPI’s social engineering experts test your policies, controls, and people to find the gaps.


Many companies invest in security controls to stop Internet-based threats, but are they doing enough to stop the threats that exist in the real world? NetSPI’s proven social engineering testing methodologies help you determine if you have the correct policies and controls in place to prevent your secrets from walking out the front door.


NetSPI’s social engineering services focus on validating the effectiveness of security awareness training and procedural controls provided to employees, call centers, and onsite facilities. Testing is accomplished through phone calls, email phishing, and onsite assessments. NetSPI works with clients to define test plans that help them get the answers required to build better processes and training programs.


  • NetSPI’s comprehensive coverage approach provides senior-consulting oversight on every project, enabling your company to leverage the expertise of the entire team of specialists to give you world-class consulting without impacting your budget
  • Our consulting services utilize NetSPI Resolve™ to automate vulnerability results, data aggregation, and reporting so our ethical hackers can focus on providing your organization 20% more vulnerabilities at a higher criticality than our competitors
  • Expert testing in reasonable time frame, and at a reasonable cost
  • Skilled, experienced manual ethical hackers
  • Mature, highly-disciplined, well-documented processes
  • A tester “playbook” containing the very latest attack methods, scripts, and techniques (our top-secret stuff)
  • A current-to-the-minute knowledge base
  • A broad set of commercial, open source, and proprietary tools
  • Detailed and actionable final remediation instruction and guidance


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