Assess Your Log4Shell Risk

With an Apache Log4j Assessment

Assess Your Log4Shell Risk

A Log4Shell vulnerability assessment identifies cybersecurity risk in vulnerable Log4j instances through in-depth scans and penetration testing. Organizations are at elevated risk for Log4Shell cybersecurity breaches due to the use of web applications and third-party solutions that use Log4j, an open-source logging component widely used in Java-based software on Windows and Linux Platforms. 

A remote code execution vulnerability, like the one found in Log4j, is about as bad as it gets. The Log4Shell vulnerabilities enable a critical exploit that compromises cybersecurity.  

To find all vulnerable instances of Log4j requires thorough crawling and testing of every part of a discovered service’s attack surface. It is insufficient to scan only headers in HTTP requests. 

NetSPI offers expert guidance and thorough Log4j/Log4Shell vulnerability assessment and remediation testing. The goal of the assessment is to evaluate in scope systems for the Log4j vulnerability. 

Learn how to protect your organization with a Log4j/Log4Shell vulnerability assessment and security testing. During the assessment, NetSPI:

  1. Discovers services automatically
  2. Crawls attack surfaces thoroughly
  3. Targets all parameters, cookies, and HTTP headers
  4. Identifies exploitable strings accurately
  5. Verifies all vulnerable Log4j implementations


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