On June 5, NetSPI announced its acquisition of Hubble Technology Inc., a cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) and cybersecurity posture management solution. The integration of Hubble’s asset intelligence and CAASM technologies into The NetSPI Platform will empower security teams to tackle asset and exposure management challenges by achieving complete visibility of their rapidly evolving attack surfaces and better prioritize risks and vulnerabilities across their entire IT estate.

To discuss the process behind this acquisition and why we’re so thrilled for this new capability on The NetSPI Platform, on July 17, NetSPI CPO Vinay Anand sat down with Hubble Founder Tom Parker – and new NetSPI CTO – to discuss the role of CAASM in an integrated proactive security solution.

During this session, you’ll hear our leaders answer questions like  

  • Why CAASM & why now?
  • What ass the vision behind bringing Hubble and NetSPI together?
  • How is CAASM a critical piece of proactive security?
  • Why are NetSPI & Hubble a great market fit for teams looking for ASM? 
  • What the addition of CAASM to The NetSPI Platform will mean for both current and prospective customers 

Watch on-demand today to learn more about the addition of CAASM to The NetSPI Platform from the leaders who have worked to deliver a unified proactive security platform that meets your business needs as attack vectors are escalating. 

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