Web Application Penetration Testing Checklist

Website and web application attacks are a primary source for data breaches. While testing web applications, it is crucial to have a defined set of categories to consistently track and test.

Five Recommended Categories To Address

  1. Create Testing Categories
  2. Create Test Baselines
  3. Link to External Content
  4. Choose a Testing Checklist Platform
  5. Track and Remediate

How NetSPI Can Help

NetSPI’s web application penetration testing leverages highly specialized tools, custom testing set-ups, and shrewd hacking techniques to identify and mitigate website security vulnerabilities. NetSPI evaluates websites and specific web applications for security vulnerabilities, and provides recommendations to your company with clear, actionable remediation instructions to improve your overall security posture. To learn more, click here.


About NetSPI

NetSPI is the leading provider of application and infrastructure security testing solutions that support organizations in scaling and operationalizing their threat and vulnerability management programs. NetSPI’s solution portfolio includes security testing, advisory services, and a vulnerability orchestration software platform. Trusted by seven of the top 10 United States banks, two global cloud providers, and many of the Fortune® 500, NetSPI has deep expertise supporting financial institutions, healthcare providers, retailers, and technology companies.

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