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Penetration Testing Best Practices: 4 Steps to Getting the Most Value from Your Program

Do you want to build a penetration testing program? This best practices guide outlines key elements of success and requirements, including:

  1. The Plan
    • Key elements of the plan
    • Focus on this goal
    • Considerations as you build a team
    • Implications of team structure
    • Role of contingency planning
  2. Scanning and Assessment
    • Use automated scanning in these ways
    • How to find the most important vulnerabilities
    • 4 key elements of a vulnerability landscape
    • How to prioritize pentesting targets
  3. Preparing for Risk-Based Remediation
    • Program maturity implications
    • Ways to verify high-risk vulnerabilities
    • Timeframe for remediation by severity level
    • Ownership and approval roles
  4. Reporting and Continuous Improvement
    • Avoid these ineffective tracking tools
    • The value of report automation
    • Tips to ensure continuous improvement
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