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Penetration Testing Checklist:
Best Practices for Program Success

Do you want to build a successful penetration testing program? This checklist gets you started with tips  you can use as you set up your pentesting program for years of success.

This checklist outlines elements of success along with key requirements in each of the four key areas that determine the success of every penetration testing program:

  • Penetration testing program planning
  • Vulnerability scanning and assessment
  • Preparing for risk-based remediation
  • Reporting and continuous improvement

In this guide, you will learn:

  1. Key elements of a pentesting program plan
  2. Considerations as you build a team
  3. What to ask your penetration testing provider
  4. Implications of penetration testing team structure
  5. Features to look for in automated scans
  6. Only enumerate a vulnerability after doing this
  7. Include these elements in your vulnerability landscape
  8. How to prioritize pentesting targets
  9. Program maturity implications on risk-based remediation
  10. 3 ways to verify high-risk vulnerabilities
  11. Rank remediation by these severity levels
  12. Ownership and approval roles
  13. Use this, not that: vulnerability tracking tools
  14. The key reason to automate reporting 
  15. Tips to ensure continuous improvement
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