The applications for machine learning are skyrocketing in business today. Innovation at this speed needs security to match it.

NetSPI’s AI/ML Penetration Testing ensures security is considered from ideation to implementation by identifying, analyzing, and mitigating the risks associated with adversarial attacks on ML systems, with an emphasis on Large Language Models (LLMs).  

Access our solution brief on AI/ML Penetration Testing for a deep dive into our offering, including:  

  • What to expect during the process 
  • Which components are assessed during our AI/ML pentests 
  • How we’re uniquely positioned to lead this effort 

NetSPI’s platform driven, human delivered approach helps the world’s most prominent companies discover, prioritize, and remediate security vulnerabilities. See how AI/ML Penetration Testing gives your team a competitive advantage by viewing our solution brief.

Ensure the Security and Robustness of Your AI/ML Models

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