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Human-Driven Automated Pentesting (H-DAP)

“73% of successful corporate network penetration tests broke in through vulnerable web applications” according to Kaspersky, meaning that although high-risk apps are tested annually, adversaries are still gaining access, often through lower risk applications. 

NetSPI’s Human-Driven Automated Pentesting (H-DAP) uses industry standard DAST scanning tools paired with targeted manual penetration testing, allowing companies to rapidly test with confidence and improve coverage across a portfolio of applications.  

Key NetSPI H-DAP Benefits 

  • Streamline – Automated scanning establishes a vulnerability baseline faster. Manual validation and triaging provide near-zero false positives, delivering actionable information from noise.  
  • Secure – Humans perform targeted manual penetration testing to discover findings that scanners simply can’t.  
  • Scale – Expand coverage by testing more of your web application portfolio, instead of only high-risk apps. 

The H-DAP Difference  

Traditional pentesting delivers a deep-dive manual assessment on a narrow set of web applications which often forces companies to limit which are tested. H-DAP is designed to provide a lighter touch manual assessment across a broader range of web applications to rapidly improve coverage.  

Download our Human-Driven Automated Pentesting (H-DAP) one-pager to learn more about how you could increase your web application portfolio coverage.

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