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The Sweet Spot Between Network Security, Cost Optimization, and Coverage 

SAVE 30% when you bundle NetSPI’s External Network Testing & Attack Surface Management platform 

External Network Penetration Testing provides a deep-dive assessment of a company’s network security posture to see a company’s entire vulnerability landscape at a specific point in time – finding, validating & remediating today’s vulnerabilities while meeting compliance and regulatory standards. 

What about between tests? 

Attack Surface Management (ASM) helps security teams manage risk by providing an ongoing external view and personalized risk assessment of an organization’s attack surface, assets, and risk profile over time. 

Take a leap towards stronger network security without breaking the bank by bundling an External Network Penetration Test & NetSPI’s Attack Surface Management. This provides the best solution to make sure compliance and internal policy requirements are met, delivering a deep understanding of the entire vulnerability and coverage landscape, while also proactively monitoring changes to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in between security tests.

Bundle to get all the benefits of NetSPI’s External Network Penetration Testing & ASM

  • Save 30% off total purchase price
  • Reduce the number of tests performed annually
  • Reduce manual labor for your security team
  • Easier scoping process
  • Improved external asset and risk visibility
  • Improved confidence in externally facing security practices
  • Improved labor efficiencies
  • Continuous testing coverage
  • Proactive approach to security

Ready to Bundle ASM & External Network Test?

Bundle ExPen & ASM for Comprehensive Security

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