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Attack Surface Management (ASM)

Platform Driven. Human Delivered.

Utilizing automated technology and expert human penetration testers to continuously discover, test and prioritize your global attack surface. 

NetSPI’s ASM software uses exclusive technology to continuously scan your entire attack surface, mapping known and unknown assets within the primary company, subsidiaries, and third-party vendors. We then pair this with expert human penetration testers to manually validate and prioritize vulnerabilities in real time. Finally, we accelerate remediation by providing detailed discovery chains, bi-directional remediation guidance, and open API implementation. 

Key NetSPI Attack Surface Management Technology Benefits: 

  • Always-on, continuous penetration testing 
  • Asset discovery and monitoring 
  • Third party vendor discovery 
  • Real-time exposure alerts 
  • Manual pentest, triage and exposure validation 
  • Simplified company and subsidiary asset management 
  • Improved visibility, tracking and reduction of attack surfaces 
  • Open API integration 

NetSPI Exclusive Human Impact

  • Improved Penetration Testing – Attack surface management informs your external penetration testing teams to drive the most comprehensive results. It identifies key areas that warrant further testing and enables your team to focus on manual testing techniques to find business-critical vulnerabilities tools often miss. Plus, you’ll have a direct line to the top pentesting organization in the world: NetSPI. 
  • Project Team Review – On a cadence that makes sense for your organization, we will schedule a review of your attack surface. During the meetings, your NetSPI team will provide insights into the assets and details that should matter most. Our insights are based on intelligence gathered from thousands of comprehensive pentests and our deep-rooted understanding of TTPs used by real attackers. 
  • Exposure Triaging – If NetSPI or your internal team notices an asset that looks too risky on the surface, our team will jump in to manually investigate exposures (vulnerabilities, technologies, exposed public data, etc.). Tapping into our penetration testing and red team roots, we help organizations determine risk levels, prioritize findings, and accelerate remediation. 

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