Intro to Cloud Penetration Testing

When a business migrates anything to a cloud infrastructure, there are a handful of common security gaps that we find as penetration testers. In this video, you’ll learn about four cloud security problems, including how data and access keys can be exposed, how user credentials can deliver privileges to more resources than intended, and how access to a cloud account can provide an entry point to a corporate network via a VPN. You’ll also learn how to use cloud penetration testing as part of a cloud security testing program.

Cloud Penetration Video

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About NetSPI
NetSPI is the leading provider of application and infrastructure security testing solutions that support organizations in scaling and operationalizing their threat and vulnerability management programs. NetSPI’s solution portfolio includes security testing, advisory services, and a vulnerability orchestration software platform. Trusted by seven of the top ten United States banks, two global cloud providers, and many of the Fortune® 500, NetSPI has deep expertise supporting financial institutions, healthcare providers, retailers, and technology companies.

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