SafetyDetectives recently conducted a Q&A with NetSPI’s Field CISO Nabil Hannan on the evolving cybersecurity landscape, diving in on some of the biggest challenges in securing AI/ML models, the rise of AI FOMO, and the ins and outs of his role as a Field CISO. Read the preview below or view it online


Hannan emphasized the distinct roles of a CISO and a Field CISO, where his focus is on advising clients on proactive security measures, exposure, and vulnerability management. He delves into the integration of AI/ML in security strategies, the importance of education on these technologies for security leaders, and NetSPI’s innovative approach to AI/ML security through penetration testing. Hannan also highlights the trend of AI FOMO (fear of missing out) and its potential risks to security, underscoring the necessity of proactive security in today’s rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape.

Why is proactive security more important now than ever for business leaders?

The impact and rate of cyber attacks are increasing at a profound rate – according to Statista,  the global cost of cybercrime is expected to grow from $9.22 trillion in 2024 to $13.82 trillion by 2028. Amidst this bleak outlook, organizations and leaders need the confidence to innovate without fear of security attacks hampering their progress. The key to this is proactive security, which equips teams with more clarity, speed, and scale than ever before, especially as the threat landscape continues to grow and evolve.

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