During Infosecurity Europe 2023, NetSPI Field CISO Nabil Hannan caught up with Sean Martin of ITSP Magazine to discuss API security, attack surface management, and more. Listen to the podcast here.


Live on-location from Infosecurity Europe 2023, Sean Martin connects with Nabil Hannan, the field CISO at NetSPI, to discuss Attack Surface Management (ASM) and how it has evolved in recent years to become the minimum cybersecurity benchmark that organizations need. ASM provides a more targeted approach to vulnerability management, allowing testers to focus on building a platform with automation that identifies areas that need attention and validates them.

Sean and Nabil also cover API security, the challenges of authentication and authorization, and the need for organizations to prioritize building secure-by-design frameworks. Nabil stresses the importance of understanding an organization’s external perimeter and what exposures might exist, as well as the need for good cybersecurity hygiene that starts with good cybersecurity basics before bringing others in to help with the problem.

ASM is an important element in modern cybersecurity with its role as the first line of defense reinforces the critical need to have a continuous view of an organization’s external-facing perimeter.

Listen to the full podcast episode below or online here.