NetSPI was named a top penetration testing provider in GRC Outlook’s Top 10 Penetration Testing Providers 2022. Read the preview below or view it online.


Ever since cybersecurity has been expanding its reach with innovations, there has also been an increasing number of cyber-attacks. This means, that as technology is expanding, cybercriminals are also increasing their potential and power. The recent global shutdown and remote work culture have greatly affected the increase in cybersecurity threats too. A lot of businesses rely on penetration testing tools to enhance their security as well as to find possible penetrations in their security architecture.

Today, penetration testing practices and solutions have evolved from being a completely manual and tedious process to a more automated and highly propagated process. With the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning, penetration testing solutions are also improving dramatically. AI and ML not only gather all the information automatically but also analyze it and determine different courses of action, thus significantly improving the penetration testing results. AI and ML could help the pen tester understand the results of the scans by analyzing them and removing noise, taking into consideration information gathered from the previous phase combined with threat intelligence.

However, as numerous solutions and providers are existing in the industry, businesses are finding it a tough time to choose the right solutions provider that exactly fits their unique requirements of businesses. That’s why we’ve developed this special edition on Penetration Testing Solution Providers 2022. This special edition features some of the most innovative solution providers selected by our panel of researchers, editors, CTOs and cybersecurity professionals.

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