NetSPI to Help Black Hat USA 2020 Attendees View Penetration Testing and Application Security Through a New Lens

During the Black Hat 2020 Virtual Conference, NetSPI, a leader in enterprise security testing and vulnerability management, will provide a fresh perspective on optimizing pentesting and application security (AppSec) programs. Today, there are more software-based solutions than ever before. From rising dependency on smartphone applications to the growing remote workforce increasing the usage of cloud-based software, reliance on software continues to grow. This means more AppSec security tools and automation have become available – and, in-turn, an overwhelming number of AppSec methodologies and approaches to follow. To navigate the complex security considerations, NetSPI is working to change the way organizations think about AppSec by embracing security throughout the development lifecycle.

Deke George, CEO, NetSPI
Aaron Shilts, President and COO, NetSPI
Nabil Hannan, Managing Director, NetSPI
Jake Reynolds, Product Manager, NetSPI

On Wednesday, August 5, at 11:20–11:40am PT, NetSPI Managing Director Nabil Hannan and Product Manager Jake Reynolds will host a session titled, Extreme Makeover: AppSec Edition. During the session, attendees will learn how leading organizations use different discovery techniques as part of their AppSec program, understand strengths and weaknesses of common AppSec vulnerability discovery technologies and adopt techniques that make security frictionless for your developers as they embrace a DevSecOps culture. Additionally, they will discover how functional your application security program can be with a “makeover” to:

  • Enhance reporting to empower leadership to optimize AppSec programs
  • Improve vulnerability ingestion, correlation, and enrichment
  • Increase speed to remediation

The NetSPI team will have a virtual exhibitor booth in the Black Hat Business Hall. Schedule a briefing to hear the latest company updates and explore NetSPI’s new products and services, including:

  • Static Application Security Testing [SAST] and Secure Code Review [SCR]: Debuted at Black Hat, the new services are designed to identify application security vulnerabilities earlier in the software development life cycle.
  • Strategic Advisory Services: In June 2020, NetSPI revealed a new application-centric approach to its Strategic Advisory Services to help organizations gain a competitive edge through a formalized, business-objective driven, and mature application security program.
  • Pentesting as a Service (PTaaS): Launched in 2020, NetSPI’s PTaaS delivery model puts customers in control of their pentests and their data, enabling them to simplify the scoping of new engagements, view their testing results in real time, orchestrate quicker remediation, and adding the ability to perform always-on continuous testing.

Virtual Session: Wednesday, August 5, 11:20–11:40am PST
Black Hat 2020 Virtual Conference: August 1-6, 2020

Attend the virtual session, Extreme Makeover: AppSec Edition, online here.
Stop by NetSPI’s virtual booth by searching for NetSPI in the Black Hat event portal.

Virtual briefings with the NetSPI team available upon request. To attend the virtual session on August 5, register for a free Black Hat Business Pass.

Tori Norris
Maccabee Public Relations on behalf of NetSPI, (612) 294-3100

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