VMblog: Get Expert Advice During World Password Day 2022

On May 5, 2022, Nabil Hannan was featured in the VMblog Get Expert Advice During World Password Day 2022. Preview the article below, or read the full article online.


Did you know, today, May 5th, is World Password Day! The Registrar of National Day Calendar has designated the first Thursday of May of each year as World Password Day, and it is meant to promote better password habits – something we could all use, I’m sure. Passwords are critical gatekeepers to our digital identities, allowing us to access online shopping, banking, social media, private work, and life communications. 

We use a lot of online services in our daily lives. And we’re constantly having to deal with the possibility of so many different types of attacks, making digital protection more and more important. So let World Password Day be a reminder and encourage people to protect themselves with a series of strong passwords.

To help get a handle on things, a number of industry security experts have chimed in to share their perspectives and opinions with VMblog readers.

Nabil Hannan, Managing Director, NetSPI

“World Password Day serves as a moment in time for organizations to re-evaluate password security best practices. Today, a strong authentication strategy must include policies for safe password storage, the most important aspect of password security. Additionally, at a bare minimum, every organization should start with multi-factor authentication and build from there. One-time passwords, email verification codes, or verification links are user-friendly and go a long way in effective authentication.

From a user perspective, all staff working within or alongside the organization should be required to use strong, complex passwords that follow NIST’s latest guidelines. Security leaders may also practice the principle of least privilege, where only those who need access to certain information have it. With these best practices, organizations can better bolster protection and set themselves up for success on World Password Day and beyond.”

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