TechTarget: What cybersecurity teams can learn from COVID-19

On August 12, NetSPI Managing Director Nabil Hannan was featured in TechTarget:

There’s a reason why a computer virus is called a “virus,” as they have many similarities to medical viruses. Notably, as medical viruses can have a severe impact on your personal health, a computer virus can severely impact the health of your business. In today’s digital world, a computer virus, a “wormable” remote code execution vulnerability designed to persistently replicate and spread to infect programs and files, can begin causing damage in minutes. Sound familiar? According to the CDC, the virus that causes COVID-19 spreads very easily and sustainably, meaning it spreads from person-to-person without stopping.

With COVID-19 top of mind and making headlines across the globe, CISOs should now take the time to make observations about viruses outside of the technology industry and see how they apply to cybersecurity strategies. So, what exactly can security teams learn from studying medical viruses to ensure the health of a business’ systems and applications? Here are three key considerations.

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