TechTarget: 6 ways to prevent cybersecurity burnout

On February 26, 2021, NetSPI Managing Director Nabil Hannan was featured in TechTarget:

We’re in the midst of a cybersecurity staffing crisis. Many major news outlets, such as The New York Times, have reported that unfilled jobs in the industry are expected to reach up to 3.5 million this year – leaving existing security teams stretched thin and burnt out.

To make matters worse, attackers have increased their activity since the beginning of the pandemic and continue to take advantage of the prolonged crisis. In this new year, CISOs everywhere will need to shift their talent management practices in order to attract new candidates to the field and prevent employee burnout. How? Here are a few ideas.

  1. Invest in training for new employees
  2. Match people to the job, set goals and mentor
  3. View your project managers through a new lens
  4. Be careful with incentives
  5. Enable automation
  6. Encourage more people to enter cybersecurity

Read the full article here:

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