Infosecurity Magazine: #WorldBackupDay: 5 Backup Tips to Retain Critical Data Following a Ransomware Attack

On March 31, 2022, Florindo Gallicchio was featured in the Infosecurity article, #WorldBackupDay: 5 Backup Tips to Retain Critical Data Following a Ransomware Attack. Preview the article below, or read the full article online.

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The phrase “data is the new oil” offers a dramatic yet apt description of the importance of information flows to modern businesses in an increasingly digitized world. Sadly, cyber-criminals are highly aware of this fact, leading to surging cases of data breaches in the past few years.

This is why the annual World Backup Day campaign on March 31 is taking on increasing relevance, sending a timely reminder of the need for backups and best practices surrounding implementation. ExtraHop’s Costlow added: “This World Backup Day should be a call for all organizations to examine how their backup and recovery plan weaves into their overall security strategy to ensure they are protected in the event of a ransomware attack.”

Another important approach is to encrypt data stored in backups. Florindo Gallicchio, managing director, head of strategic solutions at NetSPI, elucidated this approach: “These backups should be encrypted so that sensitive data is not disclosed and stored in such a way that an organization can recover its data in a timely manner, as this is necessary to minimize disruption to business operations. Additionally, organizations should regularly revisit and test disaster recovery and business continuity plans to validate that ransomware and other threats won’t impact the integrity of any backups.”

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