Help Net Security: The Challenges and Advantages of Building Behavior-based Threat Detection

On July 1, 2022, NetSPI Senior Director Scott Sutherland was featured on Help Net Security where he discusses how, in order to stay ahead of malicious actors, organizations must shift their gaze to detect attackers before something bad happens. Read the summary below or watch the video online.


  • Many vendors promote 100% coverage, but most EDRs and MSSP vendors only provide 20% of that coverage.
  • Companies that partner with MSSP vendors must view their contracts carefully to understand what malicious activities vendors cover.
  • Companies are overdependent on Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) – provided and available in the community – but these tools should be part of a larger program, not the end of the program.
  • Detection starts with a procedure like the popular MITRE Attack Framework.
  • Two challenges of building a behavior-based threat detection? Mapping technique coverages holistically and choosing which procedures to get coverage.
  • Review annual reports from threat detection companies to get a picture of the most common techniques and leverage your threat detection resources.

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