Forbes Technology Council: The Secret To A Successful Cyber Security Acquisition: Culture

On April 7, 2021, NetSPI Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Brady Bloxham was featured in Forbes Technology Council:

It’s no secret that cybersecurity is a lucrative industry for acquisitions. According to CSO Online, deal activity in 2020 did not slow — even in the midst of a pandemic. There are several reasons why an acquisition could occur. From the perspective of an acquiring company, motives can include gaining greater market share, obtaining specialized talent and expanding technical capability — and the list goes on.  

Amid the excitement of an acquisition and the hours of work that go into a post-deal integration process, the perspective of the company being acquired can often get lost in the noise. Given the sheer volume of security industry acquisitions, I wanted to share my advice with other technology entrepreneurs that may be considering an acquisition or at the beginning stages of their journey. 

First, some background. In December 2020, the company I built was acquired. After years of deleting emails from private equity firms, venture capitalists and M&A advisors, I decided it was time to entertain the idea when a company I respected technically reached out. I was extremely proud of what we had built and wanted to reach and impact more businesses with the technologies, services and methodologies that we had built. I felt a personal obligation to find an organization that would align with my goals for the future and that my team would feel proud to be part of.  

How did I do it? Read the full Forbes Technology Council article to learn the four core values I kept top of mind throughout the process.