Forbes: How Private Equity Factors In To The Colonial Pipeline Hack

On May 17, 2021, NetSPI President and CEO Aaron Shilts was featured in a Forbes article.

So it is perhaps not a coincidence that, just five days after the Colonial attack, KKR led a $90 million growth investment in a cybersecurity company called NetSPI. “The reality is that cyber security attacks today are inevitable and put organizations at grave risk,” the company’s CEO, Aaron Shilts, said in a statement. “At NetSPI, we strive to stay one step ahead of hackers, breaches and bad actors.”

In the years to come, NetSPI will have plenty of changes to prove its worth—and hopefully help prevent other instances of infrastructure-crippling bitcoin blackmail.

Now, onto the rest of the things you need to know from the past week in private equity, M&A and beyond…

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