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Extreme Makeover: AppSec Edition

NetSPI’s on-demand session will be available at:
Asia Pacific Virtual  |  December 1–2, 2020

About This Session

A successful Application Security Program requires a happy marriage between people, processes, and technology. How’s your marriage? Is your application security program in need of a makeover?

Join this session with NetSPI’s Managing Director Nabil Hannan and Product Manager Jake Reynolds to:

  • Learn how leading organizations use different discovery techniques as part of their AppSec program
  • Understand strengths and weaknesses of common AppSec vulnerability discovery technologies (SAST, DAST, SCA, IAST, etc.)
  • Adopt techniques that make security frictionless for your developers as they embrace a DevSecOps culture

Learn how beautiful and functional your application security program can be with a “makeover” by:

  • Enhancing your reporting to empower leadership to optimize your appsec program
  • Improving your vulnerability ingestion, correlation, and enrichment
  • Increasing your speed to remediation



Learn more about these FS-ISAC events and register below.

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