Discover, prioritize, and remediate security vulnerabilities of the highest importance, so you can protect what matters most to your business. NetSPI enables you to take a proactive approach to cybersecurity with more clarity, speed, and scale than ever before.


4 – 6 June, 2024


ExCel London

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the NetSPI Platform

A unified security platform that enables customers to take a proactive approach to their most urgent challenges: visibility and prioritization of assets, vulnerabilities, and exposures. Demo our tech to receive a NetSPI t-shirt (featuring our new look).

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Hear from our Security Experts

Charting the Course:
Navigating Proactive Security 

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Giles Inkson

Giles Inkson
Director of Services, EMEA

Join Giles Inkson, Director of Services, EMEA on an exploration of Proactive Security. While many security programs remain reactive, responding to events, alerts, and emerging vulnerabilities as they arise, this approach often leads to burnout, overwhelm, and noise. In today’s landscape, it’s essential to assess and enhance your security posture proactively, before any incidents occur. Throughout this presentation, we’ll delve into pivotal questions:

  • What assets do I possess, and where are my vulnerabilities? 
  • How can I establish continuous monitoring of my assets and effectively prioritize remediation efforts? 
  • Is it possible to validate the effectiveness of my security controls?

Concluding our journey, we’ll showcase real-world examples of successful proactive security measures, equipping you with actionable insights to advance your proactive security initiatives and chart your course forward.