Continuous Penetration Testing

Pentesting-as-a-service (PTaaS) delivers frequent application and network penetration testing to identify new vulnerabilities sooner

Continuous Penetration Testing: Get Ahead of Malicious Hackers

Your breach risk can grow instantly and at any time. A network configuration, an application update or a new exploit could create a high-risk exposure today. Many organizations will be unaware of a security gap for many months, either swamped by a flood of vulnerabilities from scanners or limited by infrequent penetration testing.

You’ll know about your real high-risk vulnerabilities sooner with continuous penetration testing and vulnerability assessment from NetSPI – allowing you to identify and close security gaps faster.


100k+Annual Client
Testing Hours

Shorten your exposure

Scan and verify more frequently to identify critical vulnerabilities faster

Find real vulnerabilities

Avoid false positives by using automatic verification and manual verification

Ensure consistent testing

Automated and checklist-driven processes ensure consistent service quality

Demonstrate results

Report-ready graphics present trends and key data for senior leadership

How Continuous Penetration Testing Works

NetSPI’s continuous penetration testing service scans and pentests your attack surface on a customizable schedule of your choice – providing you with timely and actionable insight.

Our testing and reporting platform ingests data from multiple scanners and verifies, correlates, normalizes and prioritizes vulnerabilities by risk to provide you with a true risk-based vulnerability assessment.

Comprehensive vulnerability scanning

Scans your network and unauthenticated applications on timeframes you choose, even daily

Attack surface visibility

Discovers, tracks and monitors your attack surface, detecting live services, IP addresses, and domains

On-demand manual penetration testing

Pentests to validate vulnerabilities identified by scanners to verify your exposure and rate the risk

Automatic retest after remediation

Tests after remediation to verify that the vulnerability was fixed

Powered by NetSPI Resolve™

The Resolve vulnerability management and orchestration platform correlates all your vulnerability data into a single view

Integration framework

Simplifies data and workflow integration across your vulnerability management program, including ticketing and collaboration systems

Achieve Actionable Insights

  • Receive personalized vulnerability assessment reports with research from the dark web, OSINT and breaches
  • Demonstrate your progress with trends such as findings over time, findings per asset, and un-remediated findings by severity
  • See the status of vulnerabilities: new, changed, remediated and retested
  • Detect changes in your attack surface, including new, changed and removed IP addresses, services and domains
  • Assess your risk posture with comprehensive vulnerability program dashboards

Subscription packages


  • Attack surface monitoring for a limited number of IP ranges, services and domain


  • Attack surface monitoring for a limited IP ranges, services and domain
  • Continuous testing of networks
  • Continuous testing of applications
  • Dedicated manual testing hours


  • Attack surface monitoring for unlimited number of IP ranges, services and domains
  • Continuous testing of networks
  • Continuous testing of applications
  • Dedicated manual testing hours
  • JIRA, SLACK Integration
  • Multiple scanner integration
  • Advanced reporting


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