ShmooCon 2019 | Jan 18-20

Join NetSPI at ShmooCon in D.C.
Advisory Sessions Available

Meet Netspi At Shmoocon

Attending ShmooCon 2019 in Washington, DC? NetSPI would like to meet you. Our security advisors will be onsite for private collaboration sessions where they can share best practices and offer insight into how other organizations are addressing some of the same challenges your team is facing.


About NetSPI

NetSPI is the leading provider of application and network security testing solutions that support organizations in scaling and operationalizing their threat and vulnerability management programs. The solution portfolio includes program development, security testing, and a software platform for application and infrastructure vulnerability orchestration. Trusted by six of the top ten U.S. banks, top global cloud providers, and many of the Fortune® 500, NetSPI has deep expertise in financial institutions, healthcare providers, retailers, and technology companies.

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