Tool release: AMF Deserialize Burp Plugin

Action Message Format (AMF) is one of the communication protocols used to exchange messages between Flash client and server; the others are RTMP and XML. BurpAMFDSer is another Burp plugin that will deserialize/serialize AMF request and response to and from XML with the use of Xtream library ( BurpAMFDSer also utilizes part of Kenneth Hill’s Jmeter source code for custom AMF deserialization (

How to run:

java -classpath burp.jar;burpAMFDser.jar;xstream-1.4.2.jar burp.StartBurp

Sample serialized Request:

Img E A E F Ca

Sample deserialized Request:

Img E A A Dac

Sample deserialized Response:

Img E A D B F

Source code and executables are available at:

The sample application in the screenshot is TraderDesktop, provided as part of ADEP Data Services for Java EE 4.6 and could be downloaded at:

I’ve also developed a newer version of this plugin to be compatible with the new Burp Extender APIs ( Now you can modify AMF requests and responses in a separate tab.

The new plugin can be loaded dynamically via Burp Extender:

Img E A Cee

Sample Request:

Img E A D

I also added 2 new menus to work with Intruder and Scanner (pro version only)

Send deserialized request to Intruder

Img E A B F

Scan AMF (Pro version only)

Img E A

Unfortunately, the new APIs are only available for Burp Suite Pro version 1.5.01 and later. Hopefully the author will update the free version soon.

If you are interested, source code and executable are available at:

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