PA-DSS vendors now have training options

During PA-DSS audits, NetSPI is often asked about what training options payment application vendors have for developers. These questions are in reference to PA-DSS requirement 5.2.a. This requirement states: Obtain and review software development processes for payment applications (internal and external, and including web-administrative access to product). Verify the process includes training in secure coding techniques for developers, based on industry best practices and guidance. The PCI-Council is working with SANS for a set of courses that PA-DSS vendors can use. These courses include fundamental courses for developers and security staff as well as development language specific courses. There are also courses for senior level developers, tester and managers.   An example of one of the courses is Secure Coding for PCI Compliance. This is a two-day course on the OWASP top ten issues and is for a developer with experience in one of the following languages: Perl, PHP, C, C++, Java or Ruby. If you are a payment application vendor needing to start of enhance your training, look at the SANS web site – These should help you get through requirement 5.2.a. Please note, NetSPI is not associated with SANS in any way.

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