New MasterCard Level 2 Validation Requirements Effective June 30, 2012

Gettin’ Your Internal Security Assessor on…

Friendly reminder: after June 30 of this year, all Level 2 MasterCard merchants performing their annual self assessment must ensure that their internal resource has attended ISA (Internal Security Auditor) training.  Alternately, Level 2 merchants can hire a Qualified Security Assessor to perform the assessment and sign off on their Level 2 self assessment Attestation of Compliance.  This is a change from the current requirements, which allow for any internal staff to perform the Level 2 assessment. The ISA program is maintained by the PCI Security Standards Council; training consists of four one-hour online courses followed by two days of onsite instructor-led training.  At the end of the course you even get a certificate that you can use to win friends and influence people! Based on feedback received from current ISAs working for my clients, it sounds like the training is valuable even to those with a deep PCI background.  As ISAs receive (essentially) the same training as a Qualified Security Assessor, there are multiple benefits to keep an ISA on staff:

  • By attending SSC-approved training, the ISA is getting the most current and relevant interpretations of the DSS.
  • An ISA is an “internal QSA” and also an employee; therefore the ISA may have the advantage of a deeper familiarity with the organization’s people, environment, and processes compared to an external consultant/auditor.
  • For a variety of reasons, most organizations still choose to use an external QSA firm for audits; however, ISAs tend to be an excellent interface to an external QSA, and can be useful as a second opinion if the QSA firm sends Cousin Eddie to do your audit.
  • An ISA can provide an enhanced understanding of the Data Security Standards (DSS) requirements as they relate specifically to your organization, and can keep you apprised of current and emerging trends in the payment card sphere.
  • Having an ISA on staff is the modern version of having a Royal Wizard in your court.  Though I am not supposed to speak of this, part of the advanced QSA/ISA training involves learning all manner of arcane magic.  The ISA may be able to teach you some tricks or perform at your company holiday party.

If the changes to the MasterCard Level 2 merchant requirements affect your organization there is still time to sign up for training (ISA training schedule is here).  You’ll want to become an ISA yourself when you see the locations – London in April, anyone?

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