Enterprise Vulnerability Management

Earlier this month, at the Secure360 conference in St. Paul, Seth Peter (NetSPI’s CTO) and I gave a presentation on enterprise vulnerability management.  This talk came out of a number of discussions about formal vulnerability management programs that we have had both internally at NetSPI and with outside individuals and organizations.  While many companies have large and relatively mature security programs, it would not be an exaggeration to say that very few have formalized the process of actively managing the vulnerabilities in their environments. To accompany our presentation, I created a short white paper addressing the subject. In it, I briefly address the need for such a formal program, summarize a four phase approach, and offer some tips and suggestions on making vulnerability management work in your organization. When reading it, keep in mind that the approach that I outline is by no means the only way of successfully taking on the challenge of managing your security weaknesses. However, due to our unique vantage point as both technical testers and trusted program advisors for many organizations across various industries, we have been able to pull together an approach that incorporates the key elements that will allow this sort of program to be successful. Download Ryan’s white paper: An Approach to Enterprise Vulnerability Management

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