2022 RSA Conference: What Makes Us the Most Innovative Pentesting Company?

The RSA Conference is one of the largest cybersecurity events in the world, offering a multitude of opportunities for members of the cybersecurity community to gain valuable insights and network with one another. And this week, the NetSPI team packed their bags and flew out to San Francisco for the conference after a two-year hiatus. 

Not only is this a big week for the cybersecurity industry, but also for team NetSPI as we take home the Global InfoSec Award for “Most Innovative in Penetration Testing.” Prior to their arrival at RSA, we asked our team to answer a few questions: 

  1. What are you looking forward to most during the 2022 RSA Conference?
  2. What does NetSPI’s recognition as “Most Innovative in Penetration Testing” mean to you and what do you think makes NetSPI the most innovative pentesting company? 

Continue reading for responses from our product, services, and sales leadership – all of which were clearly excited to see many of our clients and customers in-person.

What are you looking forward to most during the 2022 RSA Conference?  

Cody Chamberlain, Head of Product  

“The security community isn’t very large and bringing everyone together is extremely valuable. This is an opportunity for connecting, sharing stories, and further building relationships across companies. 

Talking with clients and prospects about the NetSPI story is the most exciting thing for me. We are in a unique position in the market with our combination of industry-leading talent and technology and I’m excited to share that with people at the conference, especially those unaware of us.” 

Charles Horton, Chief Operating Officer 

“The RSA Conference has always had an impressive lineup of speakers and sessions. Having a hiatus like many conferences have had, I think there will be a tremendous amount of energy coming into the conference as people are eager to collaborate in person with clients, colleagues, and vendors. As the landscape continues to move and shift, and clients go through different investment levels and cycles of their security programs, it is an opportune time to evaluate who and where they are investing their dollars given the number of sponsor organizations at the event.”

Chad Peterson, Managing Director  

“I am most excited about getting the opportunity to speak with our clients and industry face-to-face again. Any time we have the chance to interact in person, it always seems to foster great conversations and thought leadership. 

Having a group of experts throughout the industry under one roof again allows us to exchange ideas on how to better the security community and holistically help our shared client base.” 

Robert Richardson, VP of Enterprise Sales 

“The opportunity to connect face-to-face and spend time with our clients and meet new people is what I’m most excited about. It’s been too long. I’m really glad the turnout is exponentially larger than 2020.” 

Alex Jones, Chief Revenue Officer  

“I’m absolutely most excited about seeing all of our amazing customers. It has been such a long time since our last in-person RSA conference and the event presents such a great opportunity to connect with a high volume of people in such a short time. A huge plus is that we get to enjoy seeing our customers while also doing a lot of events with our NetSPI team. 

From a presentation perspective, I am most intrigued about Bruce Schneier’s keynote, ‘What Matters Most.’ There is so much change occurring at such a rapid pace within our industry that we need to challenge conventional thinking and start trying to solve problems in a different way.” 

Nabil Hannan, Managing Director 

“With the RSA conference being an in-person event this year, I’m most excited to re-connect with people in the industry in person. After two plus years of the pandemic, it’ll be really nice to re-connect with colleagues and catch up in person and learn from them about their current areas of focus, challenges, and the industry trends that they’re observing.” 

What does NetSPI’s recognition as most innovative in pentesting mean to you and what do you think makes NetSPI the most innovative pentesting company? 

Cody Chamberlain, Head of Product  

“It means we’re getting third-party validation of what we already know – that we have the best talent in the industry and the investments we’ve made into our technology are meeting the market’s need of high-touch customer service. As a result, we’re able to identify more vulnerabilities of a higher severity for our clients. 

Our people make NetSPI the most innovative pentesting company. As the person who works everyday building and executing a technology roadmap, that might sound counter intuitive, but I see my job as finding the best ways to scale and maximize the effectiveness of our humans. At the end of the day, humans are the key to our success!” 

Charles Horton, Chief Operating Officer 

“The award is certainly flattering and is really a reflection of the purpose we have as an organization along with our passion and pursuit of excellence. NetSPI has achieved this recognition due to our unwavering commitment to our clients and our team members. Our mission is to combine elite talent and technology to provide a differentiated experience and outcome for our clients, and we take pride in that recognition. This award is based on our work and reputation for things already done, and we will continue to build on this as we go forward.” 

Chad Peterson, Managing Director  

“Winning this awareness is a testament to all the hard work and dedication our teams have put in. From the consultants, technicians, sales, and strategy teams to marketing and leadership – everyone has had their hand in making NetSPI what we are, and it shows in the work that we are being honored for. 

We have some of the most talented penetration testing experts in the industry. Without these people to shape the technology that we leverage –  Resolve, AttackSim, and the Attack Surface Management platform – to streamline our work and allow our pentesting consultants to spend their valuable time identifying, verifying, and providing guidance on how to address findings for our clients, we would not be the company that we are today.”  

Robert Richardson, VP of Enterprise Sales 

“The secret is out. We’ve been delivering game changing quality and consistency for years, so it’s really exciting to see our growth and brand be recognized. 

It’s a combination of our technology, people, and culture – the combination of those things creates consistency and quality in the depth of our services.” 

Alex Jones, Chief Revenue Officer  

“It is tough to truly articulate how much this award means to me. For me, this is the culmination of four years of incredibly hard work, so to see how far we have come as a company but then also be publicly recognized for it is such a testament to what we have accomplished thus far. Frankly, I feel like we are just getting started! I am such a small part in this puzzle, as my four years of hard work pale in comparison to the 10+ years of hard work so many of our technical and thought leaders have put in to build our incredible reputation. 

What makes NetSPI the most innovative in pentesting is our unique combination of industry-leading technical talent, sophisticated use of bleeding edge technology, unrelenting focus on customer experience, and a culture that promotes and rewards the highest levels of moral and ethical standards.” 

Nabil Hannan, Managing Director 

“It’s a true feeling of pride knowing that I am part of an organization that is being recognized for excellence in our space. This award is a great validation of the work we have been doing as a company and that we are truly having an impact on the world of penetration testing.” 

Connect With NetSPI at the 2022 RSA Conference 

It’s clear that the team cannot wait to see many new and familiar faces this week at the conference and discuss how we have seen the industry “transform” over the past two years, and where it’s headed next.  

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