Scott Hammack

Scott Hammack brings a wealth of management experience in start-up and publicly held companies. He has created over $800 million in market capitalization over the past 20 years through several technology ventures including, MasterChart, Inc., Cyberguard Corporation, and Prolexic. When he took over at Prolexic, the company had a $14 million revenue run rate; Upon its sale to Akamai, three years later, it had a revenue run rate of over $70 million, and was sold for $415 million. Scott was brought in as Chairman and CEO of Cyberguard Corporation to turn around the nearly bankrupt company with a public market capitalization of $9 million from its recent de-listing from the NASDAQ Exchange, a pending SEC investigation and a class action lawsuit. Behind three years of Scott’s leadership, Cyberguard became a technology leader in network security solutions to Fortune® 100 companies and governments worldwide. The company was re-listed on the NASDAQ Exchange, settled its class action lawsuit, accumulated $15 million in cash, and was ultimately sold to Secure Computing for $295 million.

Prior to Cyberguard, Scott started MasterChart in the basement of his Illinois home in 1992. MasterChart developed an electronic medical product, attracted $10 million in capital from Harris Corporation in 1996, created several innovative software applications, and was acquired by Allscripts, Inc. for $125 million in May 2000.

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